Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches

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Made of uncoated or coated medical grade paper or Tyvek and sealed to transparent laminated film Compatible for Steam, EO and Plasma sterilization processes. Conforming to EN standards. Suitable for medical device manufacturers. Custom sizes. Pre-printed and plain. With & without sterilization indicators. All process indicators are water based and non-toxic inks and meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 11140-1 standard and provide accurate and clear color change after sterilization process.

Packaging is an important step in the sterile processing of reusable medical devices. Sterilization packaging must:

  1. Allow sterilization of enclosed devices.
  2. Maintain sterility until opened.
  3. Provide for aseptic delivery.

Sterility maintenance or dust covers are protective plastic bags used to help maintain the sterility of an item by protecting it from the environment

1 TM-SR-5 50 200 6
2 TM-SR-7.5 75 200 4
3 TM-SR-10 100 200 4
4 TM-SR-12.5 125 200 3
5 TM-SR-15 150 200 2
6 TM-SR-20 200 200 2
7 TM-SR-25 250 200 1
8 TM-SR-30 300 200 1
9 TM-SR-35 350 200 1
10 TM-SR-40 400 200 1

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